Dongguan Shengkun Hardware Products Co., Ltd. set sail in the 14th year

The world, a thousand twists and turns;

Life for several years, the ups and downs;

Fourteen years of riding the wind and waves, fourteen years of perseverance forward;

We have witnessed the rise and fall of the market;

Also experienced their own bumpy fetters;

Fourteen years is ShengKun again progress and take-off;

Fourteen years is ShengKun another step steady and solid footprints;

Today, ShengKun’s progress is promoted by all of us;

Today, ShengKun’s achievements are the efforts of all of us;

Wish the future: we work hard, brave and resolute forward;

Wish the future: we carry on the past, create brilliant!!

After 14 years of development, Shengkun has moved three times, from 1,500 square meters of factory in 2009 to 6,000 square meters in 2015 to 12,000 square meters in 22 years. If you add the brother company Henan Shengxin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 70,000 square meters of factory, a total of more than 80,000 square meters of manufacturing base. This is a qualitative leap, is the unremitting efforts of hundreds of Shengkun people, constantly struggle to obtain the results.

Of course, ShengKun can not achieve today’s achievements without the trust and support of all customers; but also without the cooperation of many partners. In several industry shocks, the market downturn, is the customer never abandon, the full support of the partners. To let Shengkun hardware has the opportunity of sustainable development; to let Shengkun hardware in the speaker hardware accessories manufacturing field to a higher level; to give us Shengkun hardware spacious and bright workshop; to Shengkun hardware new style office building.

Workshop corner

office block

Thank you dear customers, thank you dear partners, thank our lovely efforts of ShengKun people!

Looking back

We have been working together for fourteen years

May the future

We walked side by side, spring and autumn, winter and summer

Here, salute!


Editor: Business Department Qu Shen (KK)


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