Customized service


Over 10 years of focus on horn hardware accessories


Possess scientific research technology and management professionals


Non standard customization according to different customer needs

Focus on horn hardware accessories

The company focuses on the production, processing, and sales of speaker hardware accessories. Its main business scope includes audio hardware accessories (brackets, U-shaped cups, mesh covers, Huasi, rubber shells, copper rings), speaker peripheral equipment (dispensing machines, magnetizing machines), etc. We have a group of professional technical talents, with a factory area of 10000 square meters and over 120 employees; The main production equipment is over 150 units, with 2 large transportation vehicles.

Strict product testing

Strictly control product quality, provide you with high-quality horn hardware accessories through multiple quality inspection procedures, equipped with standard production lines, standardized production processes throughout the entire process, and multiple environmental control quality inspection standards. The products have strict testing systems from production to delivery, always maintaining high quality, good precision, and guaranteed quality. Our cooperative customers are located in multiple regions.

Non standard customization

From product development and design to raw material procurement, production, testing, and shipping, all aspects are carefully monitored. In addition, we have professional technical personnel and advanced equipment to provide customized services for horn hardware accessories according to your needs.

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