There is no end to learning from prosperous times

Spring breeze in March and rain in April; Dongguan rainy days for nearly half a month, the spring sun bathed the earth; every employee, in the continuous rainy depression, the mood finally improved with the warm sun. Sunny weather good reading. At this time to learn, to forge ahead, must also be achieved twice the result with half the effort.

Therefore, under such a premise, Mr. Qu, The General Manager of Shengkun Hardware Products Co., LTD made contact with Guangdong famous business training class, and prepared a feast of thinking learning for our excellent employee representatives of ShengKun.

 On April 8th, General Manager Qu led eight outstanding staff representatives of our company to participate in the thinking class

On that day, the scene atmosphere was good, and the excellent staff representatives were in high spirits and spoke enthusiastically. Life is not only the current barbary wolfberry (you), but also strive to enrich themselves.

After the excellent employee representatives participated in the scene, they still felt a lot about the content of the class and could not calm down for a long time. After returning to the company, they immediately organized the representatives of various departments of the company to learn, exchange and share.

The strong attract the strong, the red close to the black. Let some employees be excellent first, and then let the excellent employees lead everyone to be excellent together.

 There is no end to learning

Finally, attach a photo of the scene!!

By: Qu Shen (KK)

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